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When we breath with intention pure magic flows (literally). The quick and easy way I define Breathwork is: Breathing with attention and intention to achieve relaxation, connection and liberation at all levels of our being.

Breathwork is a practice that is becoming more and more popular throughout the world and that has an instant and profound impact on everyone who practices it. The technique I share, it is distinguished among others by being performed through the mouth, unlike other popular techniques that are performed exclusively through the nose.


When we change our breathing pattern, we change the information that reaches the brain centers that process and regulate our emotions, perceptions, judgments, thoughts and behaviors.


The frequency, speed and quality of air that enters our lungs directly affects the brain and its functions. By controlling our breathing we can voluntarily influence the brain and nervous system.


Breathing affects every organ, system, and function of the body. Every physiological, psychological and emotional state. Therefore mindful breathing techniques have the potential to transform our lives on all levels.


Private Sessions and Group Classes


"Breathwork is an intuitive art"

-Dan Brulé

Group of young sporty people practicing yoga lesson with instructor in gym, lying in Dead

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