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Private Sessions & Group Classes

Receive the wonderful benefits of Reiki also referred as Life Force Energy. When you receive this subtle energy the brain moves into an “alpha state” which is a deep state of calm, relaxation and receptivity.


Reiki promotes balance, harmony and healing in all levels of being: physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's also known to work directly trough our energy centers, better known as "chakras". 


Each chakra is interconnected with different bodily systems and organs. When the Reiki practitioner directs the energy into your chakras everything connected to it benefits from receiving it. 

Reiki helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression, as well as easing chronic and acute pain. In summary, when you receive this benevolent energy you will feel rested, restored and relaxed. 

You can join our next group REIKI FLOW MEDITATION by checking our UPCOMING EVENTS page, or book a private individual, couple's or group session. For more information or to answer any of your questions, connect directly with us.

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