Welcome to The Wonder Flow!

 A place where we can learn together, grow together and FLOW together.
Let's dive-in and remember how to ride the waves of our SOUL.


Living in a state of harmony, ease and divine flow is our natural state of being.


Feeling abundant, balanced and connected to our  power  it's how we are MEANT TO LIVE.

The problem is that we forgot this. The only way to remember and reconnect with  OUR TRUE SELVES is to come back HOME to our SOUL.

Living disconnected from MY SOUL got me into a pretty dark and scary place. I completely lost myself. I lost my sense of direction, belonging and purpose. I lost my confidence, my self-worth and "spark."


All of this happened while being in the “prime of my life” (aka my 20's), while living in an awesome place I chose for myself and while pursuing MY DREAM career. 

I've now come to  realize that most of my life, I operated from all the wrong places; my brain, my fears, my conditionings, my  pain, my need to be liked, and to be "successful". 

The thing is that, on the outside, I looked successful. I looked brave, I appeared to be happy. And I was, momentarily, but everything was built on loose sand and when things started to get hard and bumpy, EVERYTHING CRUMBLED; I crumbled.

My depression and anxiety sky rocketed into levels I could no longer manage. I wasn't eating much, sleeping much, LIVING much. It all felt gloomy and blurry. I could no longer recognize WHO I WAS.


I knew I needed HELP, but I didn't know how to ask for it. I knew I needed CHANGE although I had no clue how to make it happen. I knew I deserved better, deep down inside, I KNEW.


Meanwhile, my crisis and despair were leading me to the place I was most disconnected from: MY SOUL and it was in my darkest hour that MY LIGHT SHINED TROUGH and began to guide me HOME.

It took time and effort to comeback home, to my true self, to recognize the language of my soul, to heal and reconnect with my essence.  Once I started the journey and I committed to the process, THINGS SHIFTED.

Cultivating a relationship with our SOUL is essential to live a full, joyous and purposeful life. 


Our SOUL is like the  ocean: deep, vast and ever flowing. It bears an inexhaustible source of light, love and wisdom.

The infinite waves of our essence, our truth and our intuition emanate from this place.


When we live disconnected from our soul's wisdom, love and guidance; we experience resistance, hardship and isolation. 

We go against the natural and Divine flow of life. We make the wrong choices, which causes us to experience pain, fear and overwhelm.

The good news is that WE ALL HAVE ACCESS TO OUR SOUL. We can reconnect, nurture and remember how to ride the waves of our soul.


The RIGHT THINGS showed up at the RIGHT TIME: people, books, teachers, classes, workshops, conversations. When I encountered the right practices, I began to TRANSFORM.


As I went deeper and deeper, my inner guidance got louder, my light, brighter, my intuitIon stronger. 


This is when I discovered my WONDER FLOW. When I finally started living from all the right places: from my HEART and my SOUL. Honoring my TRUTH, my ESSENCE and one-of-a-kind VOICE. Dazzling my luminous light and magic.


This is WHY I do this today. This is WHY I feel called to share my journey, experience and all the tools and practices I've encountered along the way, that have helped me to live my life with more purpose and FLOW.

My greatest hope and intention is that trough this space, trough this practices and tools, trough your willingness and curiosity you might find YOUR WONDER FLOW too, and once you do, may you shine bright and  enjoy surfing the waves of your soul too! 

Because the more we FLOW with our soul and GLOW with our light the BETTER and BRIGHTER this world will become. 

Thank you for visiting! With much love,